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How to find the perfect student accommodation in your dream destination?

Millions of students every year dream of studying abroad. Irrespective of what destination you choose, the journey for studying abroad should be worthwhile.

Selecting the University and choosing the right place to stay is equally important. Finding the best Student accommodation is a challenging task as it impacts the university experience for students studying abroad.

AmberStudent, an expert in accommodation for students across the globe, shared with StudyFree some essential tips to help you find an ideal student accommodation in your preferred destination.

Be ready with your baggage

You might get better and affordable options if you start finding Student housing options in advance. It saves your time and effort when you start looking very late. It would be best if you kept in mind that you’re not the only one who is planning to study abroad.

You can check Student Accommodation according to your preferred city. Universities in Birmingham, New York, Boston, etc offer international students services to find authentic options for student housing.

Set your budget

Budget plays a huge role in finding an ideal option for student accommodation in your dream city or country. A plethora of options is divided into different ranges of categories, which must suit your budget requirements. For example, if you’re thinking of opting for top-notch student accommodation with Luxurious amenities, you may not be able to afford it.

Make sure you find properties that fall under your pocket requirements. Setting a budget helps you in deciding where you can travel and what expenses you can make. Unfortunately, students studying in London fail to manage the daily expenses and accommodation expenses as they go without planning.

Decide between off-campus/on-campus

Students may find themselves in confusion about choosing between On-Campus and Off-Campus student accommodation. Well, both kinds of student accommodation are providing equal opportunities to students.

On-campus student accommodation can be fun and safe, as you get access to social activities, classes, library, and late-night study sessions. On the other hand, Off-campus student accommodation provides you access to explore nearby attractions, getting jobs, etc. So, it would be best if you between them that suits your preference. 

Research is important

Always explore your options wisely. Research allows you to get better student accommodation options. You can check online a number of available options that are safe, convenient, and comfortable. Once you see the attractive student property, think if you can stay according to the size of the room.

On the web, different platforms are designed for students to help them with relevant advice. You can check for advice for finding a space homely and functional. Do some research and keep an open mind when viewing properties.

Hygiene is an essential factor

We are already aware of the world's current situation, and thus, hygiene is an important thing. Whatever student accommodation you’re choosing, make sure it's immaculate and dirt-free. Before moving in, ask if there are sanitization facilities or not.

If you’re inspecting the property, check signs for mould or grime. If you choose to stay in the Campus dorm, check if they have cleaners for communal areas.

The place should be safe & secured

Safety should always come first, whether you’re staying alone or with your partner, friend, or anyone. Your majority of time is spent in University or with part-time jobs, so your baggage and essentials should be safe and secured.

After choosing the student accommodation, make sure you get a feeling of relaxation and safety. If you feel uncomfortable, change the plan of staying there instantly.

Bills or without bills, you decide

Your life studying abroad will definitely be interesting, but also a rollercoaster ride. Endless assignments, examinations, cultural fests, clubs, meetings, parties, and more, can make your life a little busier.

Explore your options wisely and make sure you make the right decision. Some apartments or studios include bills but some do not. For example, student housing in Chicago offers students a rental agreement including Wi-Fi, electricity, water supply, parking facilities, and more.  It saves your time from living a hassle-free journey away from home.

Be flexible with agreement

Choose your rental agreement wisely. In some countries, rental agreements include term-time agreements, full-year agreements, or monthly agreements. Every agreement plan means a different range of prices. The long-term agreement helps you in saving a good amount. But, on the other hand, the short-term seems expensive.

Make your mind whether you want to stay for a short period or an extended period. Then, choose the period accordingly so that you don't waste a single penny.

How Can AmberStudent Help You?

We at AmberStudent are devoted to giving you the best experience and option for student accommodation worldwide because we apprehend its value. We have upgraded ourselves continuously with the COVID policies and would be more than eager to assist you in those.

Author: Muskan Gupta