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Universities Around the World With Late Deadlines

When applying for studies abroad, it is important to start this process in advance.

The majority of universities have deadlines in January and February. By then, you need to have all your documents or at least some of them ready. Since it’s already spring, those of you who haven’t applied anywhere yet are probably wondering whether you still have a chance.

Is it possible to apply now and start your studies this fall, without waiting for a whole year? Well, yes! There are still options available. We’ve picked several universities and programs with late deadlines in popular study abroad destinations.


If you are late with your application, take a look at the UK universities. Some of them have deadlines in summer. If you apply through the centralized application system UCAS till 26 January, the university guarantees to consider your application. However, you can still apply through UCAS after this deadline and up until June or July. In this case, the application will be considered if there are places available for the program.

University of Kent 

All undergraduate courses: until 30 June

All postgraduate courses: until 31 July

University of Westminster

All undergraduate courses: until 30 June

All postgraduate courses: until 1 August 

NB: If you need to apply for a visa to study in the UK, you should apply by 1 July.

University of East Anglia

All undergraduate courses: until 31 July

Postgraduate taught courses: until 31 July

University of Essex

All undergraduate courses: until 1 August

All postgraduate courses: until 1 August

Aberystwyth University

All postgraduate courses: late June or beginning of July

Hult International Business School 

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA): until 1 April

Manchester Metropolitan University

All undergraduate courses: until 30 June

All postgraduate courses: until 30 July 

Middlesex University London

Undergraduate and postgraduate Art and Design courses: until 24 March


In Italy, the application deadlines vary significantly depending on the program. When some of them are already closed, others are not even open yet. We strongly encourage students to apply in earlier admission rounds to have plenty of time to carry out the visa request process.

University of Bologna 

Some degree programs: the application process will open in the coming months

Most undergraduate programs: deadlines in May

Bachelor Business and Economics: until 5 May

University of Milan

BS Artificial Intelligence: until 31 May

Politics, Philosophy and Public Affairs (PPPA): application deadlines will be published shortly


Many universities in Canada offer courses with application deadlines in March or later. Every course usually has its own application deadline.

University of Toronto

Bachelor of Information: until 15 May

Dalhousie University

Bachelor of Science (Medical Sciences): until 15 March

Bachelor of Agriculture (International Food Business): until 1 July

Carleton University

1 April is the main deadline to apply for the majority of programs (including in economics, computer science, and engineering)

University of Windsor 

Business Administration: until 1 April

MSc in Earth Sciences: until 1 July

Economics M.A.: until 1 May

Electrical Engineering Meng: until 1 July

University of Regina

Undergraduate programs: until 15 August  

Graduate programs:

Chemistry & Biochemistry: until 15 April

Computer Science: until 15 March

Data Science: until 15 March

Teaching, Learning, and Leadership: until 15 March

Gerontology: until 31 March

History: until 31 March


Most American universities accept applications in January. However, there are few with deadlines later.

University of Houston

Undergraduate programs: until 31 May

Graduate programs:

Aerospace Engineering, MS: until 15 May

Applied Mathematics: until 1 May

Cyber Security, MS: until 1 April

Prairie View A&M University

Graduate programs: until 1 August

University of Louisiana 

Undergraduate programs: until 15 April

Graduate programs: until 15 April


Application deadlines in Spain vary depending on the institution. Some universities offer several intakes of applications throughout the spring and until August. You are encouraged to apply for the first calls to allow you more time to address visa issues. 

Pompeu Fabra University

All programs: the two last calls from 1 March to 25 April and 26 April to 2 June

Master's Degree in Biomedical Research: specific application dates (extra call) from 3 June to 19 August

University of Barcelona

All graduate programs: until 15 June

University of Navarra 

All graduate programs: until 27 June