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Boost Your CV for a Scholarship: Options for Professionals Over Thirty

To get a scholarship, you have to work on your CV to make sure it will impress the school’s admission or scholarship committee.

Professionals over 30, who plan to apply for their second or first master’s degree and hope to win a scholarship, may find themselves in a difficult situation. Plenty of opportunities are only available for students who are already enrolled or for those younger than thirty.

Fortunately, mature applicants have many options too that may greatly improve their chances to be granted a scholarship.

First and foremost, many universities organize summer schools or short-term training programs. You should check out the programs available at your university. It is a great way to enhance your profile and obtain new skills, while still figuring out if master’s programs at this university are the right fit for you.

Second, there are fellow programs, awards, and conferences that will make your CV stand out. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many global organizations, such as the UN, hold conferences online. Attending those now would be much cheaper than before.

However, despite the pandemic, many programs are still ongoing and offline, so let’s take a look at some of them.

Draper Hills Summer Fellows Program

The Draper Hills Summer Fellows Program (DHSF), which started in 2005 and is held yearly at Stanford University's Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law, is a three-week intensive academic training program.

It brings together a group of 25 to 30 non-academic mid-career practitioners from all over the world who work in law, politics, government, private sector, civil society, and international development. This training program offers a unique opportunity for emerging leaders to network, share their experiences, and get academic training to help them progress their careers.

UPG Sustainability Leadership International Awards, USA 2022-23

This is an award for passionate citizens aged 18 to 35 who believe actions can support the local community and that every small positive action can make the world a better place.

With the help of courageous individuals and organizations, a total of 586 UPG Sustainability Leaders were trained in two classes (2019 and 2021). 120 of them received additional immersive training on Hurricane Island in the United States, where they were exposed to a variety of experiences to better understand how to address the challenges of specific ecosystems in a sustainable manner, including exploring the local environment, understanding problems, challenges, and opportunities.

The UPG Sustainability Leaders have already trained over 14,000 citizens throughout the world through online and in-person sessions until August 2021.

Participants will have all their program costs paid, including training materials, lodging, meals, local transportation, and international flights (a round trip flight from the US).

Marshal Papworth Scholarship For Developing Countries

In collaboration with Harper Adams University, Marshal Papworth Scholarship offers a 10-week full-time course. Students gain occupational skills in livestock and crop husbandry, machinery operations, IT, and a Special Marshal Papworth curriculum in small-scale business management. Upon completion, they will get a BTEC Certificate in Agriculture, which is accredited by Edexcel, an internationally recognized awarding authority.

International Conference on Gender Research

The 5th International Conference on Gender Research will take place in April 2022 at the University of Aveiro, Portugal. It will be a physical event with the option for participants to join virtually. It is a regular conference so if you don’t submit a paper this time, try to do this next year!

European Conference on Management Leadership and Governance

The European Conference on Management Leadership and Governance has been running for 18 years now. So far, the event has been held in Italy, Northern Ireland, France, Belgium, Portugal, Finland, and many other countries.

The conference is generally attended by participants from more than 40 countries and attracts a combination of academic scholars, practitioners, and individuals who are engaged in various aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship teaching and research.

International Conference on Medical & Health Science - ICMHS 2022.

The 1110th International Conference on Medical & Health Science will be held in May 2022 in Sydney, Australia. ICMHS will provide an excellent international forum for sharing knowledge and a result in Medical & Health Science.

The conference aims to ensure a platform for researchers and practitioners from both academia and industry to share cutting-edge development in the field.

International Electrical Engineering Congress

The 2022 International Electrical Engineering Congress (iEECON2022) is organized by the best electrical engineering institutions in Thailand. It will provide a forum for researchers, engineers, and industry experts to discuss recent developments, new ideas, and breakthroughs in electrical engineering technologies.

Topics of interest include Power & Energy, Communications, Electronics & Control, Digital Signal Processing, and Computer & IT. Each manuscript will be peer-reviewed and revised according to the reviewers’ comments.

International Conference on Applied Science Mathematics and Statistics (ICASMS 2022)

The International Conference on Applied Science Mathematics and Statistics (ICASMS 2022) will take place in London, UK, in May 2022. This is an international forum to present technological advances and research results in Science, Engineering, and Technology. The event will bring together leading researchers, engineers, and scientists in the domain of interest from all around the world.

All full paper submissions will also be peer-reviewed and evaluated based on originality, technical and/or research content/depth, correctness, relevance to conference, contributions, and readability.