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10 Reasons To Study in the UK

The United Kingdom is a popular study abroad destination among international students, and there are many reasons for that. Do you consider the UK as a place to go for your studies?

Do you consider the UK as a place to go for your studies? Well, this country is a great choice for those who plan to invest in their education that will open doors to an amazing career.

Brilliant universities with long traditions

Check QS World University Rankings, THE University Ranking, or any other reputable world university ranking and you will see a lot of UK universities in the top 100 (16% in the QS) and at least a few of them in the top 10. For example, the history of Oxford and Cambridge dates back over 800 years. These two schools have long-standing traditions since they have been providing higher education for centuries. Other UK universities have built on these traditions and have extremely high standards, too. Throughout history, UK education has produced many world-renowned scientists. Nowadays, it is recognized and highly valued all over the world.

International community of students

The UK is the world's second most popular study abroad destination, right after the USA. According to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), 556,625 international students choose to study in the UK. With Brexit, the number of international students from European countries declined by 16% in 2022, the university admissions agency UCAS reports. This means there will be even less competition for international students from non-European countries. The UK universities provide a great number of scholarships, especially for graduate students, and generally try to make the study environment as welcoming as possible.

No language barrier

Most young people that go abroad to study already speak English. One usually has to pass an English test such as IELTS or TOEFL to be admitted to a university abroad. However, if they plan to study in English in non-English speaking countries such as Germany, Italy, or the Czech Republic, they will still face language barriers everywhere outside of university classrooms, including in the shops, public offices, or hospitals. Apart from that, finding a job after graduation can be difficult if they do not speak a local language.

Fortunately, it is not the case with the UK. First, there will be no language barrier. You will be able to talk not only to your professor but to everyone else and socialize with the local community. Second, studying in the UK is a great way to improve your English and obtain a natural accent. In today's global corporate world, being able to communicate in English properly is a valuable skill.

Great healthcare system

With the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare became a concern for many and greatly influenced the choice of a study destination. Because of the pace of vaccination, the NHS’s policies which are in the favor of the global student, 75% of Indian students call the UK their preferred study destination. Apart from pro-student policies due to the pandemic, the NHS (National Health Service) provides all sorts of medical services. Thanks to this, international students do not need private medical insurance when applying for a visa in the UK. They only have to pay for access to the NHS. UK universities advise their students to register with a doctor as soon as they arrive in the UK to be able to receive emergency care if they need it and access health services quickly and easily, according to the NHS website.

Wide choice of the degrees

Do you want to study aeronautics or acting in film? Is your passion literature, fashion, diplomacy, film-making, business, or medicine? No matter what you are interested in, you will find a suitable program in a UK university. Some of the world's best schools are located in the UK. The UK schools are alma mater of many eminent people representing all kinds of industries, from Alexander McQueen and Anthony Hopkins to a long list of Nobel laureates.

Shorter degree programs

The good thing about many programs in the UK is that they last less than similar programs in many other countries. Undergraduate programs in the UK take only three years to complete instead of four in the US. Master’s programs in the UK only last for one year. Even though the costs of studies for international students are high, as well as the costs of living, you will be able to complete your studies in one year, meaning that you will still spend less on your degree in the UK than on a cheaper, but longer program somewhere else. For example, a one-year business program at the University of Cambridge’s Judge Business School often makes the top of the most value-for-money MBAs.

Good visa conditions for graduates

To attract new students into the country and to persuade graduates to stay, the UK government developed better visa conditions. The government has recently introduced the new Graduate Immigration Route for international students which is a post-study 2- or 3-year work visa. This will allow graduates of UK universities to legally stay in the country after their studies. Moreover, the UK and India have established a new migration cooperation program that will allow young (18-30 y.o.) Indian and British professionals to live and work in each other's countries.

Great work opportunities

The UK is an international business hub. You will easily find your dream job after graduation, whether it is in investment banking, marketing, media, or science. Even though the economy is affected by the pandemic, it is still very strong with the unemployment rate being only 4.2% and the inflation rate of 0,25%. Many international companies such as Royal Dutch Shell, BBC, and Unilever have headquarters in London, providing job opportunities for thousands of university graduates.

Access to the largest library in the world

If you are interested in research, then you have probably heard about the British Library, which contains more than 170 million items in its catalog. Being the largest library in the world, it keeps the nation’s archive of printed and digital publications, adding around three million new items to its collection every year. The library’s London and Yorkshire sites have everything from newspapers to sound recordings, patents, prints and drawings, maps, and manuscripts.

British rich history and culture

If you are going to study in the UK, you will enjoy its rich history and culture. Buckingham Palace, Stonehenge, and the Tower of London — everyone should see them at least once in a lifetime. The UK also boasts great museums that are completely free of charge! The British Museum, Tate Modern, Natural History Museum, National Gallery Well, and many others contain a lot of unique objects that attract millions of tourists from all around the world.

Besides, there are plenty of marvelous castles and palaces, world-class theaters, famous festivals, and many natural sites to explore. Apart from that, a lot of things such as exhibitions, movie premieres, workshops, and seminars are happening in London every day, so your student life will never be boring!