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Scholarships Available in South Korea

South Korea attracts students from all over the world with its quaint culture, state-of-the-art technology, and generous scholarships covering one’s living and education expenses.

If you are considering Asian education options, take a good look at this country.

We drafted a list of main governmental and university scholarships that are worth taking note of.

Korean Government Scholarship Program

Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP) is a Korean governmental scholarship program allowing foreign citizens to get an education in South Korea at public expense.

KGSP allows Bachelor or Master’s studies, getting a Ph.D., or carrying out research as an exchange professor or a doctoral graduate.

The scholarship covers air travel, accommodation, language courses, education, medical insurance, and other expenses. 

Requirements for Bachelors:

  • Age not exceeding 25 years;
  • Only departments with four-year studies are eligible (architecture and medicine are excluded). About 220 students may apply for the scholarship.

 Requirements for Masters and Postgrads

  • Age not exceeding 40 years;
  • Programs with annual tuition cost not exceeding 10 mln won. About 1000 candidates may participate

The allocation process comprises several steps: 

  1. Submit the documents to the South Korean embassy, through a Korean university, or on the program website;
  2. Upon performing the initial candidates' selection, the embassy or the university sends the documents to the National Institute for International Education. The Institute commission determines the scholarship recipients.  

You can find detailed information on the quotas, selection procedure, requirements, and documents on the StudyinKorea website.

Korea University Scholarships for International Students 

A scholarship granted by the higher school of the Korea University to foreign students. The University website mentions that about 80% of the foreign students enrolled are awarded scholarships. Foreign students may apply for it when applying for admission to Korea University. 

The University offers several scholarships: Global Leader Scholarship (Scholarship Type A), Humanities and Social Sciences Scholarship (Scholarship Type B), and Natural Science and Engineering Scholarship (Scholarship Type C).

You may find detailed information on each type of scholarship on the university website.

The scholarship amount is as follows:

Type А — 100% of entrance fee, tuition fee, and dormitory fee;

Type B — 60% of tuition fee;

Type С — 65% of tuition fee.

The scholarship benefits are provided only for the first year after enrollment. To have the support extended, the students should reapply each semester. The Стипендии предоставляются только на первый семестр после зачисления. The recipients are selected based on their GPA per semester as enrolled students from the second semester. 

Some natural science and engineering professors may offer scholarships from their research fund individually to their best students.

This scholarship may not be awarded simultaneously with other scholarships, such as Global Korea Scholarship or Foundation Scholarship.

Applicants from Business Analytics (BA) in Business Administration may not apply for this scholarship.

Kyungpook National University scholarships

Kyungpook National University offers scholarships for Bachelors and Masters: 

For Bachelors

Foreign students may be awarded scholarships basing on their academic achievement in the previous semester

Top 7% of foreign students: 80% off the tuition fee

Top 30% of foreign students: 20% off the tuition fee.

For Masters — KNU International Graduate Scholarship (KINGS):

For applicants (Masters and Postgrads) whose documents have been accepted and who have passed departmental screening.

Number of recipients:

Up to 70 per semester.


  • Master’s and doctoral programs: up to two years, starting from the first semester;
  • Combined Master’s and doctoral program: up to four years, starting from the first semester.

The scholarships are reviewed after each semester's end, and an extension for the next semester is not guaranteed. 

Changwon National University scholarships

Changwon National University offers a range of scholarships to students applying for Bachelor’s, Masters and postgrad studies.

You may apply for several of these programs at enrollment, basing on your GPA and Korean language exam result. The scholarship amount depends on the TOPIK (Korean language test) results. 

Detailed information and requirements for bachelors, masters, and postgrads is available on the University website.

Korea National University of Arts scholarship

Students may apply for Bachelor and Master’s programs in the following areas: music, dance, visual arts, drama, cinema/TV/multimedia, and traditional Korean art. 

The Art Major Asian Scholarship Program scholarship covers:

  • the full tuition fee of a Bachelor’s or Master’s program;
  • airfare to Korea;
  • monthly 800 000 won allowance;
  • 4-month intensive language training before admission;
  • limited medical insurance coverage.

 General requirements, the list of documents, and country eligibility criteria are available on the website.