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Where to Study Architecture

If you are into drawing and maths and dream to create unique projects that will gain worldwide recognition, an architect might be a perfect job for you.

Despite the rapid development of AI and digital technologies, the demand for creative jobs is growing. New careers, such as VR or sustainable urban design, are emerging in art and architecture. 

In urban design, one of the key creative experts is an architect whose job is to develop and try new construction methods that could be used to build the cities of tomorrow. Here, we’ll take a look at the best places to study architecture.

UCLLondon's Global University

Programs: Architectural History, Bio-Integrated Design, Architectural Computation

Duration of training: from 1 year to 21 months (master's degree)

Tuition fee: the first two programs will cost 28,500 £ (about 39,600 $), the last one is 23,110 £ (about 32,150 $).

UCL is in the top three of the QS Top Universities ranking for architecture in 2021. The college offers a wide range of master’s programs in architecture. For example, you could join Architectural History or pick more innovative courses like Bio-Integrated Design and Architectural Computation.

The teaching team of Architectural History includes internationally renowned professors and experts. Students delve deep into the field of study by investigating architecture in the context of social, ideological, and political processes.

Bio-Integrated Design focuses more on materials science and building innovative spaces for the cities of tomorrow. The program will suit you if you are into biotechnology and seek to try new things in design.

Architectural Computation is designed for those who are interested in architecture and have programming skills. Students here learn computational methods in architecture that help finding the best design solutions and predict their effects.

Delft University of Technology

Program: Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences

Duration of training: 3 years (bachelor's degree)

Tuition fee: the cost depends on the student’s status. Students from non-EU countries will have to pay 14,500 €.

The Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands offers a bachelor’s program in architecture — BSc Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences. In this program, you will study construction, climate design, and public space. Besides, the course involves working on a new design project every six months. 

The university employs the BSA system (Binding Study Advice) which means you must obtain at least 75% of your credits in the first year to be able to continue the program. Each year carries 60 credits, so a first-year student needs to get 45.

The program is taught in Dutch. However, applicants need to have good English skills too for technical and theoretical courses. 

Tsinghua University

Programs: Architecture and Future Human Habitat Design

Duration of training: 2 years (master's degree)

Tuition fee: 120,000 yuan (18,453 $) and 66,000 yuan (10,149 $).

Those aspiring to live and study in Asia should consider Tsinghua University in China. The university is located in Beijing, the arts and cultural center of China featuring a remarkable architectural environment.

Tsinghua University offers two master's programs in architecture: Architecture and Future Human Habitat Design.

The number of students in Architecture is limited to 20 applicants from different countries. This way, the university seeks to maintain cultural diversity in the program. There are five study formats: hands-on classes in design studios, theoretical courses, workshops, site visits, and open elective courses.

Future Human Habitat Design is an innovative program that was launched in 2020. It focuses on modern technologies and design solutions for the cities of tomorrow. Students here study digital architecture, green building technologies, and sustainable architecture.

Politecnico di Milano

Programs: Architectural Design and Architecture and Urban Design

Duration of training: 3 years (bachelor's degree) and 2 years (master's degree).

Tuition fee: 3,898 €.

Politecnico di Milano ranks among the top technical universities in Europe. It is one of the leaders in the QS Top Universities ranking for architecture and offers a wide variety of programs in this field.

The Architectural Design bachelor's program prepares architects with vast expertise. Those who complete it can work for companies dealing in construction as well as city redevelopment and improvement. Here, you will study the history of architecture and art, visualization, maths, urban planning, and restoration.

The Architecture and Urban Design master’s program provides knowledge not only in the technical and structural aspects of architecture, but also in management, economics, and ecology. The program is taught in Italian and English.

Lund University

Program: Architecture

Duration of training: 2 years (master's degree)

Tuition fee: 420,000 Swedish krona (48,876 $)

Another master’s program worth mentioning is Architecture offered by Lund University in Sweden. It combines theoretical knowledge and hands-on classes and includes seminars with guest experts.

There are two specializations within the program: Advanced Architectural Design and Architecture and Digital Process. Each of them includes classes within a focus area. For example, students in Architecture and Digital Process visit design studios that experiment with space and develop creative tools.

Those who complete this program understand the latest trends in architecture, have both solid theoretical knowledge and practical tools, and boast practical experience in architecture.

Degree in Architecture: What are the Career Options?

The QS Top Universities list includes only some of the most demanded jobs in architecture. Among them are:

  • architectural technician;
  • interior and spatial designer;
  • town planner;
  • historic buildings inspector;
  • structural engineer.

Let's see what kind of specialists they are and how much money they can make. All the salaries are listed per month and before taxes.

Architectural Technician

Responsibilities. Architectural technicians prepare drawings, architectural models, and are involved in the supervision of construction projects. These experts do not only command architectural techniques but also have engineering skills that are crucial when designing and building durable structures.

Salary: UK — 3,990 £ (5,545 $), Sweden — 31,800 SEK (3,709 $), Italy — 2,460 €.

Interior Designer

Responsibilities are the design and renovation of interior spaces. If you want to become a professional interior designer, you need a degree in architecture, fine arts, or furniture design. Applicants who are qualified in textile or 3D design are also in high demand among employers.

Salary: UK — 5,650 £ (7,853 $), Sweden — 46,500 SEK (5,424 $), Italy — 3,820 €.

Town Planner

Responsibilities. This job will be perfect for those who want to be involved in the development of cities, towns, and other types of settlements. A town planner’s responsibilities include management, analyzing the needs of the inhabitants, developing efficient infrastructure solutions, and cooperating with architects.

Salary: UK — 3,329 £ (4627 $), Sweden — 41,700 SEK (4,864 $), Italy — 3,550 €.

Buildings Inspector

Responsibilities. A buildings inspector investigates plans, drawings, and layouts of buildings, and ensures that they comply with the construction standards and regulations. If you choose to be a historic buildings inspector, you will work to preserve the historic environment by protecting and renovating buildings of special cultural significance.

Salary: UK — 2,370 £ (3,294 $), Sweden — 19,100 SEK (2,228 $), Italy — 1,570 €.

Civil Engineer

Responsibilities. Civil engineers are engaged in design as part of major projects, such as the construction of bridges, roads, and airports. Their job is to manage the construction and reconstruction of structures.

Salary: UK — 5,590 £ (7,769 $), Sweden — 40,700 SEK (4,747 $), Italy — 3,570 €.

According to Brighton College, the highest-paid jobs for architects also include landscape architect, preservation architect, and green building & retrofit architect. If you want to work in landscape design, sustainable construction, or cultural heritage preservation, these careers might be a great way to go.

By Ekaterina Nikitina