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Most Demanded Jobs in the UK

The UK attracts experts from all over the world by offering interesting jobs and vast career opportunities. London is home to representative offices of major international companies that welcome specialists from different countries every day.

Despite the pandemic, the market is slowly rising back up. In this article, let's find out what jobs are in the most demand now and what specialists we are going to need soon.

Most Popular Jobs

Here is the list of the most in-demand jobs and annual salaries in the UK for 2021 according to job search website Glassdoor:

Position: Project Manager

Average salary: £43,000

The job of a project manager is to plan, organize, supervise, and implement a project on time and within the budget.

Position: Software Engineer

Average salary: £55,000

A software engineer is supposed to test, maintain, and improve IT systems to meet specific needs. This is usually done under the supervision of a systems architect. The position involves analyzing user needs, designing and writing programs using machine codes, improving existing programs, and making suggestions for future development.

Position: Operations Manager

Average salary: £42,500.

This job may involve a wide range of functions, depending on the industry and the company. Generally, an operations manager is responsible for the smooth operation of a business. An operations manager’s responsibilities can be divided into five categories: people management, core operations, budgets, delivery, and strategy. Efficient management of these five core activity areas makes a successful company.

Position: Business Analyst

Average salary: £42,000

The job of a business analyst is to help a company plan for the future. This includes the analysis of where the company is at the moment, what needs it has, and developing solutions to meet those needs. This usually requires IT and software solutions, but can also include other things like hiring staff and budget management.

Jobs in Short Supply

Cybersecurity specialists. The EMEA countries are experiencing a shortage of experts in this field. In 2018, there was a shortfall of 142,000 people, while in 2019, the number exceeded 290,000 already. Following Brexit, the country will have to put a lot of effort into building a pool of top experts in cyber technology both from the EU and from other countries.

Medical workers. This list includes several medical jobs, among them are nurses, allied health professionals, and physicians. The National Health Service is short of around 100,000 employees now. By 2030, the number could rise to 350,000 workers, depending on how much the government will facilitate the international recruitment process.

Among the most common jobs to find on Totaljobs are Data Scientist (£500-650 per day), Senior Engagement Consultant (£35 000-45 000 per year), Lead Data Engineer specializing in Python, Java, and AWS (£90 000-110 000 per year), Finance Analyst (£250-275 per day), HR Project Manager (from £50 000 per year), Logistics Planner, and Industrial Designer (£200-250 per day).

By Elena Burkovskaia