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Most Affordable Countries to Study Abroad

Many students strive to study in the US or UK. However, to do that, one has to dig really deep into their pocket.

Don’t be upset though: there are lots of countries that offer high-quality education where you could study at an affordable price or even get a scholarship. Let’s figure out what destinations are the cheapest, how to reduce the costs of your studies, and how to study for free.


Germany is well known for its high education standards. Interestingly, international students can study free of charge in most of the states, except for Baden-Württemberg, where they have to pay 1,500 € per semester. In other states, a student would only have to pay a semester fee that varies from 127 € to 434 € depending on the institution.

For example, the summer semester of 2021 at the Free University of Berlin costs 312.89 €. Among programs are IT and Data Science.

Some scholarships fully cover the study costs. So if you win it, you don’t have to pay at all. For example, DAAD scholarships allow you to study for free in many programs taught in English. One of the options is Data Science at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.


Education in Norway is generally free for international students. They don’t even have to take any exams to enroll in a university. However, one may have to pay for English-speaking programs at private universities. Besides, public universities often require a financial statement from a student to make sure they will be able to pay living and food costs during the whole year.

For instance, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology has no scholarships to offer and charges no tuition fee, but they do ask international students to provide an account statement showing the balance of at least 123,519 Norwegian kroner (around 12,183 €).


Students from non-EU countries would have to pay 746.92 € per semester at the University of Vienna. The institution is known for its business programs but there is a wide range of other majors too.

Czech Republic

Completing a program taught in English is a costly thing in the Czech Republic. For instance, if you want to study in Natural Sciences at Masaryk University, you’ll have to pay 3000 € per year. The good news is though, if you speak Czech, all the programs will be tuition-free both for domestic and international students. The same works for other universities in the country.

Besides, Masaryk University offers scholarships and grants for bachelor’s and master’s programs in several faculties.


Italian universities boast a generous system of scholarships for international students. Most of the institutions provide financial aid to help students cover the study costs.

For example, the University of Padova welcomes students to join one of their programs taught in English free of charge. You only have to pay the initial fee of 188 €.

Studying at John Cabot University would be pretty pricey, with the annual tuition fee amounting to 42,350 $. Fortunately, one can apply for a talent scholarship or grant that will cover the costs of their studies.


Completing a bachelor’s degree at Warsaw University would cost you 4000 € per year. The good thing is that the university provides substantial support to international students to help them cover the study and living costs. The support measures include scholarships, financial awards, one-time payments, health insurance, and accommodation.

Wroclaw University is also an expensive place to study. The price tag starts at 1,500 €. However, you can study for free in Data Science, for example.

In this article, we’ve only scratched the surface of the opportunities for those aspiring to become international students. There are many other destinations and universities offering quality and affordable education abroad. If you have no idea where to start, don’t hesitate to register for our free webinar “How to Study Abroad for Free” to learn more tips.