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Best education programs in Journalism

In today's chaotic world, quality journalism is more important than ever. COVID-19 pandemic has proven that prompt and competent provision of information to the public should come first and may even be as important as saving lives.

With the news industry’s growth every year, there has never been a better moment to study and pursue a career in journalism. Choosing the right university is the first step towards it.

If you dream about getting to the truth, holding power accountable, and enriching society by disseminating ideas and principles, then have a look at the best places to study journalism.

University of California Berkeley

UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, one of the University of California Berkeley departments, is a widely acclaimed institution that offers some of the best education in this field

During studies, students develop storytelling skills that include narrative writing, radio, photography, broadcast and online video production, multimedia storytelling, data- and investigative-based journalism. By the end of the program, each student has a portfolio of ambitious, high-quality work, much of it published.

The school also offers few programs for undergraduates, mid-career journalists, as well as additional programs such as Investigative Reporting Program and plenty of mini-courses on various topics (for example, podcasting, sound design, video storytelling). The Undergraduate Minor in Journalism (or Journalism certificate for non-Berkeley students) is a six-week summer session that will provide you with the communication skills across a variety of media platforms.

Master of Journalism (2 years)

Tuition fee per year: $40,242

University of Southern California

USC Annenberg is the School for Communication and Journalism based on the  University of Southern California, which boasts high employability of its graduates (98%) and academic brilliance.

Students get access to USC Annenberg’s Media Center which is a one-of-a-kind newsroom, classroom, and incubator. It delivers hands-on learning so students may start working as journalists right away, possessing the multimedia skills needed to tell stories across all platforms.

Along with MS in Journalism, the school offers several Master’s programs in the field of communication (Communication Management, Digital Social Media, Public Relations and others) and three BA programs, including BA in Journalism. 

BA in Journalism

Tuition fee per year: $60,446

Master of Science in Journalism

Tuition fee per year: up to $59,260

Stanford University

The Stanford Journalism Program offers a unique opportunity to study journalism in the heart of Silicon Valley, next to the headquarters of Linkedin, Facebook, Google, and Twitter. Sounds like one of the best places to start a career in this field, doesn’t it?

Known for its academic brilliance and multidisciplinary approach, Stanford is also a place for journalism innovation. Within its graduate program (M.A.) in Journalism, students will learn storytelling in all shapes and forms – gain all necessary knowledge to build up and refine story ideas as well as the skills to tell stories through multimedia and latest technological tools.

MA in Journalism (2 years)

Tuition fee per year: $72,420

London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

The London School of Economics and Political Science is a public research university and a member of the federal University of London. It is renowned for working in various fields ranging from economics, politics, and law to sociology and accounting. Its Department of media and communications is ranked #1 in the UK and #3 globally in its field (2021 QS World University Rankings).

For those interested in learning modern media and work of journalists, the Department offers few one-year graduate programs in media and communications and a two-year program in Global Media and Communications with one year in one of the partner institutions – University of Southern California (the USA), Fudan University (China), or University of Cape Town (South Africa). 

There is also an additional course in International Journalism provided by the Department.

MSc Media and Communications

Tuition fee per year: approx. $32,500 (£23,520)

Harvard University

A private Ivy League institution, Harvard University traditionally ranks high in social sciences. Harvard Extension School, which is a fully accredited Harvard school, offers a graduate program in Journalism.

Within this program, students get all the resources needed to succeed as a journalist in the digital age. Through a series of 12 courses, they learn techniques for conducting interviews, gathering information, and writing compelling narratives. There is an option to earn additional certificates in business communication, marketing management, digital storytelling, or digital strategy.

Master of Liberal Arts (ALM) in Extension Studies, field: Journalism.

Average Tuition fee:  $35,760

University of Leeds

Highly ranked among British universities, the University of Leeds provides both undergraduate and postgraduate (graduate) programs in Journalism that include training in TV, radio, and digital production, alongside theoretical study.

Undergraduate students learn how to investigate a story, and then write, produce, record, and edit their own stories in industry-standard studios, editing rooms, and media suites. After the studies, they have a work placement to put their skills into practice. During this course, it’s possible to transfer to a BA Journalism and Media degree to study journalism into the broader context of media and communication.

There is also a graduate program that deepens the understanding of global journalism theory and ongoing research, as well as how journalism shapes – and is shaped by – global political, social, economic, and cultural challenges.

Journalism and Media BA (3 years)

Tuition fee per year: approx. $32,500 (£20,250)

International Journalism MA (1 year)

Tuition fee total: $30,729 (£22,250)