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StudyFree is a community of bright, talented, sincere people who strive to realize their potential in this wonderful big world, erasing borders of countries and continents.

We sincerely believe that you can turn the impossible into the possible in this world. An Indian student from the slums can become a top manager in London, a girl student from Rio de Janeiro can become a promising doctor in Germany, twin sisters from Nairobi can impact climate change in Switzerland, and a simple girl from Stary Oskol can build a startup in Silicon Valley.

is to connect global talent with opportunities worldwide, empowering every person around the world to live the life they always dreamed about.

Our values

  • We’re open-minded, kind, honest and sincere. We can be scared when on our own, but we believe in each other and this makes us fearless together.
  • We strive to help everyone understand themselves and this crowded world. Without the ideal success stories.
  • We strive to help everyone understand themselves and this world. Without artificially high expectations and subsequent disappointments.
  • We accept, do not judge and trust. It's not terrible to make a mistake with us. We don't have the wrong choice - we just have an interesting experience.
  • We are the place of support and faith in the wildest dreams and goals that many many of us dream about.
  • We accept you exactly as you are.
  • We are the most sincere support for the highest springboard of your start. And together we celebrate each other’s success. We create the space for you to be happy and safe to share it.
  • We are interested, bright, warm, delicious, light and kind. We want to know the world, make it bigger, kinder. Get to know it together.
  • We simplify the complex, structure the chaos, filter the unnecessary, hack the plugs and just break the walls. Together we are a force.
  • We try, discover ourselves, try on professions, countries, we dream, change again, search and find. We believe and try. Always.
I dreamt of studying abroad, but just like you I didn't know where to start. I received educational grants for $100,000+ and studied in China, Spain and USA (Stanford)...
We make the impossible possible
Dasha Kroshkina, CEO & Founder StudyFree

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